The Seven Signs of Life

Since the beginning of intelligent life form, we've been wondering, what else? Is there something else out there? They created the concept of god, as the creator of the universe and a heaven beyond the immeasurably vast expanse of that universe and people believed that for a while. Then they realized that we are not alone and all there is to play is the universe. So we began our voyage out. For years explorers have been trying to discover life on other planets, for any signs that aliens exist. What I dare to ask the scientific community, the astronomers, NASA, ISRO, or Caltech is: Are we shooting in the dark? The matter is, life as we know it is not life as they might know it. Water, the essential ingredient to sustain life on our planet Earth, may not be the essential ingredient and in fact may not be an ingredient at all to sustain life on any other exoplanets. We need to think beyond the understanding of our current micro-planetary laws and of science that determines how thi

A foreigner's guide inside the brain of Donald Trump

I'm having a hard time deciding which title I like best: 'Make America Hate Again', 'Hitler's West Dream', 'Donald checks in'. Pick your favourite. We have to admit, Donald Trump is a real marketing genius. He is the Godfather of Marketing. He made an offer to the richest and most open-minded democratic country in the world, peddling his stance of "all muslims are bad", "all mexicans are bad", "extreme vetting", no global warming, everything Russian is good, anti-gay rights and America couldn't refuse to make themselves great again. He is the first president of a major country who has never held any political or governmental office, is a billionaire, has appeared on the cover of Playboy and he wants to befriend long-term enemies. Obviously to the outsider, these are all significant things and are mostly positive. Which is why, unless you are currently in a Muslim country, in Mexico, a Harvard graduate, or an uber co

Independence Day Celebrations

We need to start celebrating other Indian achievements in a bigger way than we celebrate Indian Independence. It's done and we are never getting conquered again. Let's move on to other more significant more meaningful achievements to inspire the next Gen of our country.  Start celebrating Scientific success, Olympic and International sporting success, Success in implementing laws that had a major impact on Indian lives, and Super Events that make India the great country that it is in the same grandiose way we celebrate our gaining independence. Sending the colonists back home was just a small feather in India's gigantic success cap.

Tech Advancement - If it can be done, it should be done

My opinion in terms of Technological Advancement is that "If it can be done, it should be done". By which I imply that whatever is possible to be done should be done and not restricted based on ethical or conservative grounds. If we have been given the resources to be manipulated and we can use them to our advantage then it should be definitely allowed to be executed and not limited by conservative authorities such as the Church, or Government or jealous Corporates.  Scientific advances such as cloning, supersonic travel, DNA modification, should all be pursued as long as none of them are intended to the destruction of humanity. We would not have been given the powers that we have been if we were not supposed to utilize them to grow and discover further. It should be used in a controlled environment and tested thoroughly before being put into mass use, as certain studies provide misleading results and the efficacy of reports should be verified before use. 

Charred bread

Apple falling on the head, Wheel, The Periodic Table, Lightbulb, Telephone, Cars, Planes, Satellites, Internet, IVF, Cloning, Hydroelectricity, Atomic Energy, Solar Energy, 3D Printing body parts, Reuseable Rockets, Cure for terminal diseases. With the advancement of technology, scientific and medical breakthroughs and unforeseen discoveries with magnitudes surpassing what a sci-fi writer would ever be able to conjure, humans have become too self centered, short sighted and now come with Godliness 1.0 preloaded. Many ideas get thrown around and hyped which may not have any justification other than in the eloquent manner in which it may be presented to charm its intended audience. Why am I talking about all this and how does it related to Charred bread? Well, heating up something as large as a planet takes enormously large amounts of energy and it is impossible that events or people on the earth itself are able to cause the same. No matter how much pollution we cause, or how many

My take on Ghosts

If you have made it this far, here it is: What people think are ghosts are actually moments of vivid dreaming when they have had too much to eat or their stomach is not well. Also combined with constipation. It can also happen during severe physical pain such as injury or depression and mostly while dreaming during that period. Since they remember their dream as a reality and not the reality they think they've seen a ghost in reality. It's actually the minds powerful way of distracting itself so that it focuses on something different to ease the physical pain. 

What do I want in Life?

I want to admire the beautiful things built by the people who have worked hard to build it. That's real knowledge, adventure, understanding of the world around us. We need to respect the legacy behind us and use that knowledge to build a better world ahead of us. I want to be able to build something beautiful by working hard on it. I don't want to be a by-product in a well built machine. I want to be the builder of this well built machine. The desire to achieve perfection in my field is more important. I want to be able to discover things which haven't been discovered before, and present it to the world. I want to be able to help others who share a similar motto to be able to do what they feel important freely. We cannot think of the results, of profits only, but need to focus on what is most important and do things the right way. If I am wrong, I want to have the courage to admit I am wrong. Then move to fixing what needs to be fixed. A fulfilling life would be

2016: What scares us?

People are becoming more rational, belief in God, per se, is diminishing and a stronger belief in Karma, Divine Energy, and other concepts more 2016 are becoming powerful. What scares this new Human Being now? New Fears: Waking up one day, and your Google Account suddenly disappearing. No trace. No backup. Lost forever. Phone battery dying Unread emails Calling Call centers Unchilled beer Running out of your favorite product at home and forgetting to order it in time GPS not working Internet not working Extinct Fears: Local transportation ~ Uber to the rescue Sharks - Stats tell us that it's more likely to die of a car accident  Fear of not seeing a Mars landing Ghosts - After Paranormal Activity we all know we've been fooled all along Hell - Is that keeping people from performing wrongdoings? If Satan was Evil, he would embrace the Evil ones. They would be worshipped there. It's counter-intuitive.  The simple fears that will never leave:  Impre

It all began with the Truth

Human Beings. Two of the most important words for Human Beings. Why? We are run only by machines. We are no longer functional by the slow movement of the earth or by the simple doings of Nature. Who are we? Why are we here? What is the purpose of a Human in this world. Why are there so many of us and so few other animals? What is happiness? Why do we desire happiness? What happens after we go to the moon. What happens after we conquer Mars? Will you find the answer in this life? Is this life? What is life, consciousness, thought? What is right? What is wrong? What is good for you? What is for the greater good? Who was the first man? Why was man given life in this world? What are the questions that can be answered in our lifetime? In our Generation's lifetime? In 10 generations lifetime? If we backtrack and go to the time when today's answers were unknown, we will know when the answers that proceed shall be known? When the first man built the first hut, he b


Since the evolution of man into an intelligent and thoughtful being, he has cherished himself. He has prized at the skills that he was able to develop, and how he was an evolved animal and better at several aspects than others. However, the early cave man never really knew what he looked like. There was no mirror; maybe the sea to see their reflection for those who were near it, and a polished stone for those higher up. He must have longed to see how he looked, as he started to know much, but didn't know himself. Now, that deep evolutionary desire to see and know oneself has become the most accessible thing for the modern world. We have now started overdoing it, as it's so easy, and constantly spam social networks with our own pictures. We put it as the wallpaper of our phone, our computers and now "shelfies" for Gmail allows you a selfie email background. When a cave man told his girlfriend that "you are the most beautiful creature in this galaxy", the