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Closeness in the time of Cholera

Great Britain for India, Donald Trump for the Democrats, Iran and North Korea for most of the world, and Coronavirus COVID-19 for all of the world.  It takes a great adversary to bring together hundreds of millions of people together. It might not be seen, it might not be felt, but it may be within us. Today, we are fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus that started from China but has now spread throughout the world in a very short span of time. It's significant to realize that in these troubled times countries must collaborate and provide transparent information to one another, whether friend or foe, to ensure that the virus is eradicated and isn't able to spread further, to protect themselves and the rest of humanity. There is one common adversary today. That is the reason why all have come together. It was inevitable. This is human nature. We need a reason, we need meaning, we need fear. This is what the Bible predicted, this is what all other scriptures write about.

Utopia? Yes please.

Utopia is a place? Does it exist? This question takes me back to the time of the aboriginal tribes and the first bipeds. Aboriginal tribes had a way of maintaining peace in their communities. They were one of the first. They were learning the ways of the world and the ways to survive. They were not developed. They didn't arrive at the information age. They were simply trying to not get beaten or eaten. They helped their tribe by keeping everyone else out. If you were an individual colonist, it was likely that you would face serious danger, as they felt threatened by your presence (rightly so). However, if you were a group of colonists who could in some miraculous way reason with them, they would eventually come to terms with your proposal and comply, allowing you to potentially co-exist peacefully with them. But is that what happened? Do we still live in that era? The point of contention even in modern society is about who owns the land and about many other virtual constr