2016: What scares us?

People are becoming more rational, belief in God, per se, is diminishing and a stronger belief in Karma, Divine Energy, and other concepts more 2016 are becoming powerful.
What scares this new Human Being now?

New Fears:
  1. Waking up one day, and your Google Account suddenly disappearing. No trace. No backup. Lost forever.
  2. Phone battery dying
  3. Unread emails
  4. Calling Call centers
  5. Unchilled beer
  6. Running out of your favorite product at home and forgetting to order it in time
  7. GPS not working
  8. Internet not working

Extinct Fears:
  1. Local transportation ~ Uber to the rescue
  2. Sharks - Stats tell us that it's more likely to die of a car accident 
  3. Fear of not seeing a Mars landing
  4. Ghosts - After Paranormal Activity we all know we've been fooled all along
  5. Hell - Is that keeping people from performing wrongdoings? If Satan was Evil, he would embrace the Evil ones. They would be worshipped there. It's counter-intuitive. 

The simple fears that will never leave: 
  1. Impressing that girl
  2. Waiting in queues
  3. Getting a job
  4. Career growth
  5. Running out of time
  6. Fear that you say Hi and the other person doesn't remember you



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