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Do Reinvent the Wheel

Let me say there's a new way Predispositions gone awry Being realistic is gonna sway Endless possibilities Gotta locate the opportunities You've got a population With 999 communities You can reach the moon You will live on Mars You will have a spaceship And teleport to the stars People shall change Easier than dough If you believe You'll do it for sure You can win the race You can escape the maze You've got multiple talents Just don't settle in your place Life's flows like a river In this evolving universe Bring your raft Don't build a dam Where you begin Doesn't determine where you will end up Don't let them keep you From reaching for your oars The new way to travel You proclaim with a roar -x- Get Inspired by the great things & do more! AI, AR, Space travel, Autopilot, Gene editing, Stem cells, Theory of everything, Einstein, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawkins, Tesla, Elon Musk, Federer, Obama, Tiger woods, Sachin, Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alan

Eyesight insight

Does the language we read/write in have anything to do with how early we get bad vision?  There is obviously a difference within countries, as some countries have a higher percentage of people with bad vision than others. Is the difference due to language, due to climatic and weather conditions and how much sun shines in the area? Can societal eye health be a predictor for something larger, more meaningful, such as how happy the country is, or whether is it more developed?