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Should have or shouldn't have?

This discussion is dedicated to Mayank Rajgarhia as it is he who suggested discussing it. What do people repent most in life? Is it the things they have done and wish they hadn't or the things they wish they should have done? I think it depends on the time of their life you ask them this question. And for many, it might even be both, in unequal quantities. However after rephrasing the question in another way, the answer becomes more obvious: What do you repent more: having been 'stupid' or having been a 'coward'? Now, this would really give you a better picture. I'm sure more people would now say that they repent having been a 'coward' more, since they would be more acceptable to being defined as a 'coward' rather than calling their actions 'stupid' (Forrest Gump will vouch for this). Most of the things you have done you probably still wish you had, except hoping that less people would know about it. Such as, "having slept