Charred bread

Apple falling on the head, Wheel, The Periodic Table, Lightbulb, Telephone, Cars, Planes, Satellites, Internet, IVF, Cloning, Hydroelectricity, Atomic Energy, Solar Energy, 3D Printing body parts, Reuseable Rockets, Cure for terminal diseases.

With the advancement of technology, scientific and medical breakthroughs and unforeseen discoveries with magnitudes surpassing what a sci-fi writer would ever be able to conjure, humans have become too self centered, short sighted and now come with Godliness 1.0 preloaded. Many ideas get thrown around and hyped which may not have any justification other than in the eloquent manner in which it may be presented to charm its intended audience.

Why am I talking about all this and how does it related to Charred bread?

Well, heating up something as large as a planet takes enormously large amounts of energy and it is impossible that events or people on the earth itself are able to cause the same. No matter how much pollution we cause, or how many atomic bombs we drop, we may never be able to destroy our Earth ourselves. Think of a firefly. Now think of a city as large as Kolkata. How many fireflies would you need to light up the entire city for a second? Approximately 3.677 x 10^11. That is 367 Billion Fireflies. Oh, and in some species only one sex lights up. So you can double that number.

Now, take humans into consideration. We are only 7.4 Billion. Though we keep killing each other and making the planet uninhabitable through various means, it is largely impossible for us to cause global warming. Forget the cows and their methane. We are definitely depleting the finite natural resources available on Earth, but we are not in any way causing the Earth to get hotter.

The sun exerts a gravitational pull via its gravitational field which the Earth is in. Perfection is an impossibility in this universe in the same way that all laws of science can be broken. The orbit of the Earth around the sun cannot be perfectly circular. It is like a Vortex, at angles we cannot measure with instruments available today. However, if we were to chart the course of the earth in the galaxy on a very sophisticated and accurate 3D map, we would find that the Earth never crosses the same path already traveled. By no choice or decision of our own, we are as a whole slowly moving towards the sun. Maybe that's why my bread keeps getting charred.

Credits for the article: 
  • - where I leared a little about fireflies and where you may want to learn more.
  • Einstein - The man himself, and the Naseeruddin Shah play I watched in Kolkata yesterday, 27 Feb 2016. 
  • And Years of bombardment from various Treehuggers, Environment enthusiasts, Al Gore et al about the effects and causes of Global warming. 



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