Quinine For The Creature

Get it on Amazon My collection of Poetry is now available on Amazon. These are selected best from poetry that I have written over two decades and more recently in the last year. I hope that you find it interesting and thought-provoking, which was my intent. Reading once might be simple, but re-reading each will provide more insight into the inner meaning.  Snippet from within:  I picture a tree where little people grow, Swaying towards the angelic glow, Blue poppy fields with psychedelic meadows, Embrace yourself, the starship comes ashore. I am always available for any queries you may have at Link to download:  on Amazon


It felt like the angel’s fingers were dangling in front of his face, and he was compelled to try the divine taste. Though he suddenly realized that his face had a similar structure on the front, as that of a carrot in a disguise, so he paused for further consideration before making an attempt to bite his own nose off. This was just the beginning of the day for Aryl. Aryl was a far-sighted, bright minded, affluent unicorn who unbeknownst to himself was one of the most magical and beautiful creatures of this universe. - This is a brief of the story. For the entire short story, please visit any of the links below: Amazon India

Disintegrating the Beatles

A few years ago I had disintegrated the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles for my university class midterm. Obviously, I am as much of a lay man as any other, but just have had a keen interest in Beatles and their music since a very young age. I have revamped the same and share it for your reading pleasure. This was originally written on 20 April 2008. The midterm asked us to evaluate the songs of any album and then restructure the album listing as per what we thought was more suitable for the songs and flow of music. In order to evaluate the songs and structure I created a few metrics that would help differentiate one song from the other. The criteria were ‘ Happiness Quotient ', ‘ Musical Value and Effect ', ‘ Lyrical value and content ' and a ‘ Craziness/Catchiness Bonus '. Each criterion (except Craziness Bonus) is on a scale of 1 to 10. The Craziness bonus (1 or 2) is given to a song that I feel stands out amongst other songs and ha

Closeness in the time of Cholera

Great Britain for India, Donald Trump for the Democrats, Iran and North Korea for most of the world, and Coronavirus COVID-19 for all of the world.  It takes a great adversary to bring together hundreds of millions of people together. It might not be seen, it might not be felt, but it may be within us. Today, we are fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus that started from China but has now spread throughout the world in a very short span of time. It's significant to realize that in these troubled times countries must collaborate and provide transparent information to one another, whether friend or foe, to ensure that the virus is eradicated and isn't able to spread further, to protect themselves and the rest of humanity. There is one common adversary today. That is the reason why all have come together. It was inevitable. This is human nature. We need a reason, we need meaning, we need fear. This is what the Bible predicted, this is what all other scriptures write about.

Utopia? Yes please.

Utopia is a place? Does it exist? This question takes me back to the time of the aboriginal tribes and the first bipeds. Aboriginal tribes had a way of maintaining peace in their communities. They were one of the first. They were learning the ways of the world and the ways to survive. They were not developed. They didn't arrive at the information age. They were simply trying to not get beaten or eaten. They helped their tribe by keeping everyone else out. If you were an individual colonist, it was likely that you would face serious danger, as they felt threatened by your presence (rightly so). However, if you were a group of colonists who could in some miraculous way reason with them, they would eventually come to terms with your proposal and comply, allowing you to potentially co-exist peacefully with them. But is that what happened? Do we still live in that era? The point of contention even in modern society is about who owns the land and about many other virtual constr

Do Reinvent the Wheel

Let me say there's a new way Predispositions gone awry Being realistic is gonna sway Endless possibilities Gotta locate the opportunities You've got a population With 999 communities You can reach the moon You will live on Mars You will have a spaceship And teleport to the stars People shall change Easier than dough If you believe You'll do it for sure You can win the race You can escape the maze You've got multiple talents Just don't settle in your place Life's flows like a river In this evolving universe Bring your raft Don't build a dam Where you begin Doesn't determine where you will end up Don't let them keep you From reaching for your oars The new way to travel You proclaim with a roar -x- Get Inspired by the great things & do more! AI, AR, Space travel, Autopilot, Gene editing, Stem cells, Theory of everything, Einstein, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawkins, Tesla, Elon Musk, Federer, Obama, Tiger woods, Sachin, Aristotle, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alan

Dont fall in line, else you may fall

Why does everyone born on this planet feels the need to fall in line? Why does society try to force every human being into a mould? Why do you feel the need to keep yourself handcuffed to the street pole? Why are we blindly following rules? Why can't you wake up one day when you're 18 years old and say "Mumma, I want to become a drug peddler?" Sure, it's not a normal thing to do. Sure, there are risks involved. Sure, overdosing on drugs and peddling drugs to young adolescent minds isn't the ideal situation. Sure, getting caught and rotting in jail for your best years doesn't seem that amazing. However, living within the boundaries set by irrational leaders 200 years ago during the formation of the constitution of the nation you happen to be born in seems to be an equally irrational thing to do. Progress of society isn't dependent on living within the moulds. Every successful and impactful person in this world had been a dreamer when they starte

Social Media Mumbo Jumbo

As expected I begin with Facebook and the buck stops here. We live in an era where Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram et all dominate a person's daily doings. A question that comes up is, what is the purpose of it all? What is it people are trying to achieve through their daily mumble jumble and the constant barrage of meaningless photographs, text, status updates, posts, shares, likes, promoted to each user based on pre-defined logic by the social media companies? Earlier, parents, well-wishing media, society in general would complain how the TV was an 'idiot box' and made us all into 'couch potatoes'. Now it's about the constant fingering of the 'smart'phone while being anywhere on the planet. It's the complete opposite of the TV, so well, it should all be hunky dory. Let's discuss whether technological innovation has helped dissemination of information and social interaction or not. The TV presents us with content that is professio

Good Morning, it's 2017.

We talk about going to Mars, we talk about establishing life on other planets, but we forget that on Earth itself we are living in completely different worlds. It's like we were in a deep slumber for around 50 years while the rest of the world kept going. It's 2017 and we've just woken up. There is a stark difference between the developed and the developing worlds and if the developing nations do not change their worldview things will never change for them either. America has come up with significant remarkable innovations in the past decade. A path that India doesn't even have the infrastructure to tread. We live in our false realities and may tell an outsider that everything is hunky-dory, however, deep inside we know that we are lagging far behind and that we need to seriously upgrade ourselves. We have seen the advent of electric cars, relaunch-able rockets, solar rooftops and I'm just talking about a single company here. Apart from these, plans to build

Haiku or not, that is the question

A few of my Haikus (or not), for you: Raising the bar, day after day. That's how I jive, my way. Thunder and lightening, scare you away, let the dogs bark while you roll your car away. On to the Meadows, oh bright sky. How lovely you feel and give me a high. Dark is the night, controlling your dreams, bright is the day and you're on your way. Coffee my coffee, Lend me your pods, I've come to bury the tired, I know you are potent. Air is muddy, shadows are golden, God save the Queen, she may Knight you.