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Dont fall in line, else you may fall

Why does everyone born on this planet feels the need to fall in line? Why does society try to force every human being into a mould? Why do you feel the need to keep yourself handcuffed to the street pole? Why are we blindly following rules? Why can't you wake up one day when you're 18 years old and say "Mumma, I want to become a drug peddler?" Sure, it's not a normal thing to do. Sure, there are risks involved. Sure, overdosing on drugs and peddling drugs to young adolescent minds isn't the ideal situation. Sure, getting caught and rotting in jail for your best years doesn't seem that amazing. However, living within the boundaries set by irrational leaders 200 years ago during the formation of the constitution of the nation you happen to be born in seems to be an equally irrational thing to do. Progress of society isn't dependent on living within the moulds. Every successful and impactful person in this world had been a dreamer when they starte

Social Media Mumbo Jumbo

As expected I begin with Facebook and the buck stops here. We live in an era where Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram et all dominate a person's daily doings. A question that comes up is, what is the purpose of it all? What is it people are trying to achieve through their daily mumble jumble and the constant barrage of meaningless photographs, text, status updates, posts, shares, likes, promoted to each user based on pre-defined logic by the social media companies? Earlier, parents, well-wishing media, society in general would complain how the TV was an 'idiot box' and made us all into 'couch potatoes'. Now it's about the constant fingering of the 'smart'phone while being anywhere on the planet. It's the complete opposite of the TV, so well, it should all be hunky dory. Let's discuss whether technological innovation has helped dissemination of information and social interaction or not. The TV presents us with content that is professio

Good Morning, it's 2017.

We talk about going to Mars, we talk about establishing life on other planets, but we forget that on Earth itself we are living in completely different worlds. It's like we were in a deep slumber for around 50 years while the rest of the world kept going. It's 2017 and we've just woken up. There is a stark difference between the developed and the developing worlds and if the developing nations do not change their worldview things will never change for them either. America has come up with significant remarkable innovations in the past decade. A path that India doesn't even have the infrastructure to tread. We live in our false realities and may tell an outsider that everything is hunky-dory, however, deep inside we know that we are lagging far behind and that we need to seriously upgrade ourselves. We have seen the advent of electric cars, relaunch-able rockets, solar rooftops and I'm just talking about a single company here. Apart from these, plans to build

Haiku or not, that is the question

A few of my Haikus (or not), for you: Raising the bar, day after day. That's how I jive, my way. Thunder and lightening, scare you away, let the dogs bark while you roll your car away. On to the Meadows, oh bright sky. How lovely you feel and give me a high. Dark is the night, controlling your dreams, bright is the day and you're on your way. Coffee my coffee, Lend me your pods, I've come to bury the tired, I know you are potent. Air is muddy, shadows are golden, God save the Queen, she may Knight you.

The Seven Signs of Life

Since the beginning of intelligent life form, we've been wondering, what else? Is there something else out there? They created the concept of god, as the creator of the universe and a heaven beyond the immeasurably vast expanse of that universe and people believed that for a while. Then they realized that we are not alone and all there is to play is the universe. So we began our voyage out. For years explorers have been trying to discover life on other planets, for any signs that aliens exist. What I dare to ask the scientific community, the astronomers, NASA, ISRO, or Caltech is: Are we shooting in the dark? The matter is, life as we know it is not life as they might know it. Water, the essential ingredient to sustain life on our planet Earth, may not be the essential ingredient and in fact may not be an ingredient at all to sustain life on any other exoplanets. We need to think beyond the understanding of our current micro-planetary laws and of science that determines how thi

A foreigner's guide inside the brain of Donald Trump

I'm having a hard time deciding which title I like best: 'Make America Hate Again', 'Hitler's West Dream', 'Donald checks in'. Pick your favourite. We have to admit, Donald Trump is a real marketing genius. He is the Godfather of Marketing. He made an offer to the richest and most open-minded democratic country in the world, peddling his stance of "all muslims are bad", "all mexicans are bad", "extreme vetting", no global warming, everything Russian is good, anti-gay rights and America couldn't refuse to make themselves great again. He is the first president of a major country who has never held any political or governmental office, is a billionaire, has appeared on the cover of Playboy and he wants to befriend long-term enemies. Obviously to the outsider, these are all significant things and are mostly positive. Which is why, unless you are currently in a Muslim country, in Mexico, a Harvard graduate, or an uber co