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Social Media Mumbo Jumbo

As expected I begin with Facebook and the buck stops here. We live in an era where Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram et all dominate a person's daily doings. A question that comes up is, what is the purpose of it all? What is it people are trying to achieve through their daily mumble jumble and the constant barrage of meaningless photographs, text, status updates, posts, shares, likes, promoted to each user based on pre-defined logic by the social media companies? Earlier, parents, well-wishing media, society in general would complain how the TV was an 'idiot box' and made us all into 'couch potatoes'. Now it's about the constant fingering of the 'smart'phone while being anywhere on the planet. It's the complete opposite of the TV, so well, it should all be hunky dory. Let's discuss whether technological innovation has helped dissemination of information and social interaction or not. The TV presents us with content that is professio