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It all began with the Truth

Human Beings. Two of the most important words for Human Beings. Why? We are run only by machines. We are no longer functional by the slow movement of the earth or by the simple doings of Nature. Who are we? Why are we here? What is the purpose of a Human in this world. Why are there so many of us and so few other animals? What is happiness? Why do we desire happiness? What happens after we go to the moon. What happens after we conquer Mars? Will you find the answer in this life? Is this life? What is life, consciousness, thought? What is right? What is wrong? What is good for you? What is for the greater good? Who was the first man? Why was man given life in this world? What are the questions that can be answered in our lifetime? In our Generation's lifetime? In 10 generations lifetime? If we backtrack and go to the time when today's answers were unknown, we will know when the answers that proceed shall be known? When the first man built the first hut, he b


Since the evolution of man into an intelligent and thoughtful being, he has cherished himself. He has prized at the skills that he was able to develop, and how he was an evolved animal and better at several aspects than others. However, the early cave man never really knew what he looked like. There was no mirror; maybe the sea to see their reflection for those who were near it, and a polished stone for those higher up. He must have longed to see how he looked, as he started to know much, but didn't know himself. Now, that deep evolutionary desire to see and know oneself has become the most accessible thing for the modern world. We have now started overdoing it, as it's so easy, and constantly spam social networks with our own pictures. We put it as the wallpaper of our phone, our computers and now "shelfies" for Gmail allows you a selfie email background. When a cave man told his girlfriend that "you are the most beautiful creature in this galaxy", the