What do I want in Life?

I want to admire the beautiful things built by the people who have worked hard to build it. That's real knowledge, adventure, understanding of the world around us. We need to respect the legacy behind us and use that knowledge to build a better world ahead of us.

I want to be able to build something beautiful by working hard on it. I don't want to be a by-product in a well built machine. I want to be the builder of this well built machine. The desire to achieve perfection in my field is more important.

I want to be able to discover things which haven't been discovered before, and present it to the world.

I want to be able to help others who share a similar motto to be able to do what they feel important freely.

We cannot think of the results, of profits only, but need to focus on what is most important and do things the right way.

If I am wrong, I want to have the courage to admit I am wrong. Then move to fixing what needs to be fixed.

A fulfilling life would be when I know that all my life I have been true to myself and pushed the boundaries and be able to help people understand my version of success.

I don't want war, but I want two people of differing opinions to have a healthy argument without having to hurt one another. I don't want people to blindly accept anything. The arsenal of reason, logic, argument must all be utilized for a formed belief.

If a person has worked on something their entire life, and finally found the answer, I want to know that. Though I also need to know their background and truly accept it.

I want to know that what I want is what others want and travel with them together. Life is, after all, who you travel with.

Life is about growth of knowledge and experiences. Some things are good to be learned and some things are good to be experienced. I want to excel in both.



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