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Charred bread

Apple falling on the head, Wheel, The Periodic Table, Lightbulb, Telephone, Cars, Planes, Satellites, Internet, IVF, Cloning, Hydroelectricity, Atomic Energy, Solar Energy, 3D Printing body parts, Reuseable Rockets, Cure for terminal diseases. With the advancement of technology, scientific and medical breakthroughs and unforeseen discoveries with magnitudes surpassing what a sci-fi writer would ever be able to conjure, humans have become too self centered, short sighted and now come with Godliness 1.0 preloaded. Many ideas get thrown around and hyped which may not have any justification other than in the eloquent manner in which it may be presented to charm its intended audience. Why am I talking about all this and how does it related to Charred bread? Well, heating up something as large as a planet takes enormously large amounts of energy and it is impossible that events or people on the earth itself are able to cause the same. No matter how much pollution we cause, or how many

My take on Ghosts

If you have made it this far, here it is: What people think are ghosts are actually moments of vivid dreaming when they have had too much to eat or their stomach is not well. Also combined with constipation. It can also happen during severe physical pain such as injury or depression and mostly while dreaming during that period. Since they remember their dream as a reality and not the reality they think they've seen a ghost in reality. It's actually the minds powerful way of distracting itself so that it focuses on something different to ease the physical pain. 

What do I want in Life?

I want to admire the beautiful things built by the people who have worked hard to build it. That's real knowledge, adventure, understanding of the world around us. We need to respect the legacy behind us and use that knowledge to build a better world ahead of us. I want to be able to build something beautiful by working hard on it. I don't want to be a by-product in a well built machine. I want to be the builder of this well built machine. The desire to achieve perfection in my field is more important. I want to be able to discover things which haven't been discovered before, and present it to the world. I want to be able to help others who share a similar motto to be able to do what they feel important freely. We cannot think of the results, of profits only, but need to focus on what is most important and do things the right way. If I am wrong, I want to have the courage to admit I am wrong. Then move to fixing what needs to be fixed. A fulfilling life would be

2016: What scares us?

People are becoming more rational, belief in God, per se, is diminishing and a stronger belief in Karma, Divine Energy, and other concepts more 2016 are becoming powerful. What scares this new Human Being now? New Fears: Waking up one day, and your Google Account suddenly disappearing. No trace. No backup. Lost forever. Phone battery dying Unread emails Calling Call centers Unchilled beer Running out of your favorite product at home and forgetting to order it in time GPS not working Internet not working Extinct Fears: Local transportation ~ Uber to the rescue Sharks - Stats tell us that it's more likely to die of a car accident  Fear of not seeing a Mars landing Ghosts - After Paranormal Activity we all know we've been fooled all along Hell - Is that keeping people from performing wrongdoings? If Satan was Evil, he would embrace the Evil ones. They would be worshipped there. It's counter-intuitive.  The simple fears that will never leave:  Impre