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Eyesight insight

Does the language we read/write in have anything to do with how early we get bad vision?  There is obviously a difference within countries, as some countries have a higher percentage of people with bad vision than others. Is the difference due to language, due to climatic and weather conditions and how much sun shines in the area? Can societal eye health be a predictor for something larger, more meaningful, such as how happy the country is, or whether is it more developed?

lizards and kings

I've just discovered new information about household lizards. They aren't animals. They aren't from the reptile family. They aren't insects. Household lizards, the kind sitting on your wall right now, are actually highly sophisticated Chinese machinery that the British East India company had traded opium for. By the 1680s the Chinese already had a very sophisticated logic and thinking process, far superior to any other nation (consider "The Art of War", written much earlier). They had discovered everything that was needed to be discovered about the intellectual aspects of the human race and had answered the unanswerable question of life. Powerful knowledge at such a nascent stage of the universe had left them wanting for more than was possible. The British, by then, had discovered everything that was needed to be discovered about the material aspects of life. They had become fearsome seafarers and explorers, krafty tradesmen and businessmen and practical t

Should have or shouldn't have?

This discussion is dedicated to Mayank Rajgarhia as it is he who suggested discussing it. What do people repent most in life? Is it the things they have done and wish they hadn't or the things they wish they should have done? I think it depends on the time of their life you ask them this question. And for many, it might even be both, in unequal quantities. However after rephrasing the question in another way, the answer becomes more obvious: What do you repent more: having been 'stupid' or having been a 'coward'? Now, this would really give you a better picture. I'm sure more people would now say that they repent having been a 'coward' more, since they would be more acceptable to being defined as a 'coward' rather than calling their actions 'stupid' (Forrest Gump will vouch for this). Most of the things you have done you probably still wish you had, except hoping that less people would know about it. Such as, "having slept

Kolkata dot com

Yesterday, for the first time I visited the Merchant chamber of commerce in Calcutta and a club (Bengal club) which I hadn't even heard about until then. It is then that I realized how little I know about the city which I live in. If I make a casual estimate I think I would know more about Pittsburgh (where I was for 4 years) than about Kolkata where I've been for 22 years. I think me, myself and our wider generation (16-28) these days involve ourselves so much with the internet and so little with reality that we forget to explore our physical surroundings and rather occupy our time with landmarks on the internet and with sites such as and and facebook and this one. If I ask someone who has lived in Calcutta for the last 18-25 years if they know where the Customs House is, or  where in India is the Ordnance factory board, or whether they know the best way to get to Sunderbans they will only tell me that I ask ridiculous questions of no

"One tight slap"

ONE TIGHT SLAP! What are the advantages of beating your children?  Beating your child can have huge advantages in terms of discipline. It counts as speedy action from a parent without much effort to think of a better solution. The practice has however died down in recent times. But, what does beating a child do? Does it harm them? It will make them obey your commands, by putting fear in them. It will make them think twice about doing things they aren't supposed to It does not make the child violent. It will make them beat their own children, thereby continuing the trend It releases stress (scientifically proven on rats) The history of 'one tight slap' a.k.a 'zorr ka chaata'. Where did the phrase come from?  Till much after Indian independence children were beaten up thoroughly if they didn't obey. During late 1960s, just around the time when the Beatles had become popular in the United States, the calming effect was passed on to In


Example of jealousy

First Scribble

ARNAV'S ANGLE: I conjure this blog today to en lighten, dissipate knowledge, interpret my life, interpret your life and the lives of others to ensure that you leave this page with more or less than you came in with. Everything in the world needs an explanation and the ones we've heard of aren't enough, so I am  out to create my own understanding. I will make it my concern to bring you the most random information from anywhere and everywhere and dissect it intensely so that you get the real message. We shall have a unique ANGLE on everything from 'what really happened to appolo 17?' to 'Lalu Prasad's love for farmers and their  चारा ' to 'chicken tikka masala'.  Our Mission: To diminish more brain cells per second of reading as possible. and thereafter, to stop growth of cells altogether, so you are more addicted to what you read than your weed. Vision: To  become the No1 ewaste product and to be more popular than B.Obama. Ma