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Get those mails back

I love the fact that Gmail has an undo button. I type a long detailed email, send it and within a few seconds change my mind and undo the sending. Voila! I get my mail back. I re-read it, obviously make multiple changes and resend it. And in my case I always remember important points that should be included a few seconds after I've pressed the send button.

Why nations should pursue "soft" power

Amazing talk about how India will be the superpower in terms of swaying and inspiring people in years to come through its cultural diversity and complexity. Power will not be defined by the size of the army or by the arsenal of nuclear weapons but by their cultural, social and lifestyle philosophies, ideologies and practicality.  You can watch the video at TED talks:  Soft Power Talk is by India's Minister of State for External Affairs, Shashi Tharoor.