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Revenue Tickets

Isn't it a paradox that the police/government charges a person if they disobey the law. This amount effectively acts as a revenue for them. Though it is in the best interest of the nation for a person to follow all laws, it is also in the interest of the police department if people commit any unlawful activities, since they get revenue from these actions. Its like a suppliers market: the government provides for the rules that "shouldn't" be broken and the police makes an income when these rules are broken. By driving past a red light and paying a fine, I effectively purchased the action of driving past that red light. There is however a better way of dealing with this situation. Since, the government has a network of various different businesses they conduct, they can allocate all "fine" revenues to a separate purpose such as educational fund, or improving health and sanitation in the city and keep rotating this every year and fix a permanent budget for th

moon land?

will nations manage moon property as well as they manage earth? Higher funding into space research, space crafts and research on the science of how to sustain life on the moon. It is now only a matter of years!