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A foreigner's guide inside the brain of Donald Trump

I'm having a hard time deciding which title I like best: 'Make America Hate Again', 'Hitler's West Dream', 'Donald checks in'. Pick your favourite. We have to admit, Donald Trump is a real marketing genius. He is the Godfather of Marketing. He made an offer to the richest and most open-minded democratic country in the world, peddling his stance of "all muslims are bad", "all mexicans are bad", "extreme vetting", no global warming, everything Russian is good, anti-gay rights and America couldn't refuse to make themselves great again. He is the first president of a major country who has never held any political or governmental office, is a billionaire, has appeared on the cover of Playboy and he wants to befriend long-term enemies. Obviously to the outsider, these are all significant things and are mostly positive. Which is why, unless you are currently in a Muslim country, in Mexico, a Harvard graduate, or an uber co