A foreigner's guide inside the brain of Donald Trump

I'm having a hard time deciding which title I like best: 'Make America Hate Again', 'Hitler's West Dream', 'Donald checks in'. Pick your favourite.

We have to admit, Donald Trump is a real marketing genius. He is the Godfather of Marketing. He made an offer to the richest and most open-minded democratic country in the world, peddling his stance of "all muslims are bad", "all mexicans are bad", "extreme vetting", no global warming, everything Russian is good, anti-gay rights and America couldn't refuse to make themselves great again.

He is the first president of a major country who has never held any political or governmental office, is a billionaire, has appeared on the cover of Playboy and he wants to befriend long-term enemies.
Obviously to the outsider, these are all significant things and are mostly positive. Which is why, unless you are currently in a Muslim country, in Mexico, a Harvard graduate, or an uber cosmopolitan Indian, you seem to appreciate Trump.

D.Trump basically is a guy who sees everything in black and white, just like dogs. He will start barking if he smells strange things (on twitter) or will obediently fetch the proverbial ball (the mighty presidential pen) and sign on papers if commanded to do so by his masters (V.Putin).

D.Trump hates mainstream news and media and bashes them like Apprentice participants, watches FOX news all the time even on Air Force One, gathers his latest briefs not from CIA, but from obscure Twitter posts and non-intelligent self-appointed white-house diplomat-advisors, and repeats it so many times making FOX news believe its real, has fired his National Security officer already on breach of trust (Kim Jong-Un anyone?) yet has survived 1 month in office without a serious impeachment threat by his opponents.

He is probably the one US president hell-bent on delivering his campaign promises, on building a wall, repealing and replacing Obamacare, promoting American businesses, strengthening and shutting down borders, more so that anyone ever. At the end of the day, he's a businessman. He's not really a great businessman, but knows how to sell, including overvaluing his name and selling that too. He doesn't believe in diplomacy, negotiates like a soviet era militant and thinks it's win or lose, never win-win. Money is what drives him, and financial success surpasses all. That's what the foreign policy and crucial decisions and his extravagant presidential retreats are going to be dependent upon.

He blindly condemns what he is against, makes fiction appear fact with his conviction and repetition, and used a campaign slogan that would have worked in any country. Some examples: "Make China great again", "Make Russia great again", "Make India great again". If you've seen enough of the ruling party, you need change and there are so many constructs in your head of how things could be better. It's the bloody obvious serum that he packaged so well and peddled to the parched Americans.

If you dye the golden retriever hair black and add a tiny mustache spanning the width of his nostrils, you'd have just created the 21st-century Dictator.

As an outsider, all I hope is that D.Trump doesn't forget the American Dream. The promised land that lets innovation thrive, universities remain independent, where hope survives, and let America be the diverse ecosystem of cultures and communities which enable significant global breakthroughs and achievements.

If he survives his entire term, we will see a new Superpower emerge.



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