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Factoring Sundays

The Economic Times Sunday edition makes your mind go out and think. It presents facts from various facets of life, science and business and allows the reader to really wonder how this all works. It's a modern and current how-stuff-works concept which works very well with educated or inquisitive readers. In fact, even though I miss the newspaper on every weekday (because I'm a late riser) I wait for each Sunday's edition of Eco Times, and I rummage through the stack of newspapers and pick this one out. Its almost like a short magazine, something like a Fortune magazine for Sunday. However, this pattern of writing is very apt for Sunday but would be overload for other days. Its more of wholesome business facts and figures relating to various industries, instead of current news relating to business events that happened the previous day. As a whole, it's a good, intelligent and idea inducing type of read which is very enjoyable and apt for the Sunday.