The Seven Signs of Life

Since the beginning of intelligent life form, we've been wondering, what else? Is there something else out there? They created the concept of god, as the creator of the universe and a heaven beyond the immeasurably vast expanse of that universe and people believed that for a while. Then they realized that we are not alone and all there is to play is the universe. So we began our voyage out.

For years explorers have been trying to discover life on other planets, for any signs that aliens exist. What I dare to ask the scientific community, the astronomers, NASA, ISRO, or Caltech is: Are we shooting in the dark?

The matter is, life as we know it is not life as they might know it. Water, the essential ingredient to sustain life on our planet Earth, may not be the essential ingredient and in fact may not be an ingredient at all to sustain life on any other exoplanets. We need to think beyond the understanding of our current micro-planetary laws and of science that determines how things work on Earth. The universe is a vast never-ending expansion and contraction with supernormous (super-enormous: and cannot be fathomed by our current meager brain capacity) possibilities of life and it's science.

TRAPPIST-1 feels the heat and is under scrutiny and will be the subject of much interest for years to come. It will be the Disneyland of the scientific community. The name itself will cause many astronomers to orgasm. But, I ask, are we really close to finding life or are we now sensationalizing scientific discoveries like tabloid news? In fact, life may find us much before we find them. We need to think in terms of 'Art of War' and put ourselves in the pants of the unknown being that is out there. Scholars need to think of the expanse of universe comprising the unexplained 100 billion galaxies and outside the boundaries of conventional science. That is how every fascinating discovery was made by every revered scientist today.

It is true that humans cannot survive without oxygen. Oxygen is the most abundant element on Earth and that may be the reason why sustenance requires it. However, the same may not be true of our alien brothers. For them, uranium may be sufficient, or maybe even a new element which we are currently unaware of. Should we not look for the most common element in the exoplanets and understand whether that may be enough for sustenance in those celestial bodies. It may be possible that water is the essential ingredient only on Earth and nowhere else. Do you realize, then, that what we are pursuing is severely misfired?

We explain our world and our universe in specifically narrowed down constructs that often carry scientific reasoning and proof. Such as the laws of gravity discovered by Newton. However, upon further research and astounding revelation to random individuals who delve deeply into the topic brings to light all the parts that may have been missing to the earlier reasoned and proven scientific law. We needed a certain Einstein to come along in 1900s and shatter the popular beliefs and make them appear elementary and flawed.

I know I am not a scholar of the stars but I do know that the laws of nature and of the world are bound to be broken and new discoveries often set right previously held beliefs. This is primarily because of the way the universe works, by expanding and contracting and being ever-changing, and in effect changing the laws altogether.

On Earth things may not really change, and the way of life can continue to be the same for a standard earthling. However, every few trillion years when Earths get destroyed and new Earths are created, things change superdrastically (there's no word to express this change) and everything is refreshed. It's something like uninstalling Windows from your laptop and installing Mac OS on it.

"NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed a new exoplanet discovery: the first known system of seven Earth-size planets around a single star. "
I rant while considering Nasa's Exoplanets discovery that may carry water, thus, life.

In reality, fact most definitely is stranger than fiction.



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