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Predictions for the next century. Millennium. From simple to most complicated: P 1: 16.03.2015: The screen of Apple Watch's will be extremely fragile, even after being made of sapphire crystal glass. Its one of the larger pieces of hardware made with sapphire crystal glass and the delicate nature in which it has been attached to the body along with exposed edges make it extremely vulnerable to damage upon falling or accidental knocks. Be careful and don't say you weren't warned. P 2: 14.07.2015: Aliens exist. We will encounter them before the end of this millennium. Earth cannot be the only planet which can sustain life. Life as we know it, is only a microcosm. We think it is important for Oxygen or water blah blah blah to be present to sustain life. I think that life can be sustained in anaerobic conditions, without Oxygen, water, air in another planet. The rules of Planet Earth may not apply to rules of Planet Zorbio. The fuel that drives them may be something

Efficient Governance

In order for the government to be effective over a long term, they need to promote efficient and long term rules, laws, regulations, methods of construction, products and processes. If a system of working is more efficient, government should provide incentive to adopt that system. If something is very inefficient, government should try to restrict the same. For instance, if local industry making electrical products are not able to compete with Chinese prices as China is more efficient, the government should allow Chinese products and not increase duty to assist the local industry. Industry shall itself find their solution or switch businesses. Laws and regulations should not be made to favor any particular corporation. The lobbyists should be informed to display efficiency over alternatives and then ask for a change. Planned, long term thinking instead of short term cost cutting methods should also be adopted, which shall ensure long term sustenance of the land as well as estab

Elementary my dear

What if the elementary matters in other galaxies were different from the ones on earth? Have we ever pondered that it is possible for Atoms and Nucleus, the way we know it now, to be completely redefined in another planet or a galaxy. Protons, electrons and neutrons  may not be present and may be replaced by matter that function in a completely different way.