Closeness in the time of Cholera

Great Britain for India, Donald Trump for the Democrats, Iran and North Korea for most of the world, and Coronavirus COVID-19 for all of the world. 

It takes a great adversary to bring together hundreds of millions of people together. It might not be seen, it might not be felt, but it may be within us. Today, we are fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus that started from China but has now spread throughout the world in a very short span of time. It's significant to realize that in these troubled times countries must collaborate and provide transparent information to one another, whether friend or foe, to ensure that the virus is eradicated and isn't able to spread further, to protect themselves and the rest of humanity.

There is one common adversary today. That is the reason why all have come together. It was inevitable. This is human nature. We need a reason, we need meaning, we need fear.

This is what the Bible predicted, this is what all other scriptures write about. When the great floods come, you need to shield humanity from it. Cooperation on a global scale is a necessity, without which we shall be unable to curb this adversary. We follow the scriptures blindly, but fail to comprehend the true meaning that lies within. We need to read them as we would any other great novel. Learn the most compelling lessons and adopt to our ever-changing and unpredictable lives ahead. The ways of going about might be different, but the lesson remains. 

Somehow, this may be an eye-opener of a grand nature. This will help us all realize the meaning of being mortal, that the adversary is not another race, caste, creed, religion which are merely virtual constructs in our minds. We don't need virtual fears to curb our enthusiasm or meaning which leads us on convoluted paths with answers which can never be derived. 

Once we get past this, if we adopt this simple thumb rule to live our lives, we may find more peace, sensibility, happiness and progress at rates faster than imaginable before.

All humans are the same in the eyes of a virus. 


  1. So true. Above politics and religion

  2. So true. Above politics and religion

  3. this is a great article

  4. Thank you for your brilliant insight, Arnav.
    It's really fascinating how you chose to speak about the democratic effect of the virus - how its lack of discrimination in touching lives across and beyond borders has created the impetus for the creation of a global society. Assessing this pandemic through a historical lens helps us to appreciate how humans have always needed a greater reason to unite; let us consider now why a health, humanitarian and economic crisis of such proportion is required for community to be formed. Why can't we pursue meaningful connectivity that give our lives context, meaning and depth in stable times? I hope that the message the virus ultimately delivers transcends that of just "best practices" in surviving amidst reactionary fear - that, instead, we can understand that we shouldn't need a reason to support each other and join together. The flurry of creativity as manifested in myriad posts, art, music and networking endeavors made each day during lockdown demonstrates how we are a part of something greater than ourselves. We are a part of a whole.


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