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Messaging technology

Now that we have moved so far ahead with technology we still don't have the option in our phones to sort messages by name, star mark them and sort it using that or any other way of organizing. Because messages can now be stored for years till being deleted manually, things get really cluttered! For instance, I have had my iPhone for 2.5 years now and I have messages that are almost 1.5yrs old. I would really want to be able to organize this better. Google (Android), Apple and BB, are you listening? Also, Google should allow us to tag emails with notes. Such as how you want to respond to an email, or something that you need to remember in regards with a specific email then it would be convenient to be able to tag your emails with a note and refer to them later. It could be made as a lab feature which people who really want it can activate it and others don't. Google, you really need to one up FB here. What if they come out with this feature and you have to go and copy them la