Should have or shouldn't have?

This discussion is dedicated to Mayank Rajgarhia as it is he who suggested discussing it.

What do people repent most in life? Is it the things they have done and wish they hadn't or the things they wish they should have done?

I think it depends on the time of their life you ask them this question. And for many, it might even be both, in unequal quantities.

However after rephrasing the question in another way, the answer becomes more obvious: What do you repent more: having been 'stupid' or having been a 'coward'?

Now, this would really give you a better picture.
I'm sure more people would now say that they repent having been a 'coward' more, since they would be more acceptable to being defined as a 'coward' rather than calling their actions 'stupid' (Forrest Gump will vouch for this).

Most of the things you have done you probably still wish you had, except hoping that less people would know about it. Such as, "having slept with the best friend of the girl whom you liked, but then hoping that the latter female never found out about it", "having thrown a piece of chalk at your high school professor and her not finding out that it was you", "having pulled the fire alarm but not gotten permanent ink sprayed on your palm" to name a few.

Among the things they should have done include "not having asked the girl of my life out for dinner", "not having said a white lie to get out of a gargantuan problem with authorities" and "not drinking enough because of an exam the next day".

Now you decide, which section would you choose? What type do you belong to?


  1. As you mention in your post, I feel that almost every single person identifies going through periods of second thoughts and more often than not a person or his friends/family can put him in either of the two common categories that you identify.

    However, the twist or angle I want to explore is how often do people actually accept the category they belong to and actually try to change things. And, in their efforts for a conscious change, do they just end up unintentionally transcending from one category to another and the stream of second thoughts continue although in the other direction?

  2. Its too early in the day and this is getting way to serious for us simple folks. I think we need a picture of Mayank Rajgharia looking quizzically into space to go with the entry!
    c'mon humour us!


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