lizards and kings

I've just discovered new information about household lizards.
They aren't animals. They aren't from the reptile family. They aren't insects.
Household lizards, the kind sitting on your wall right now, are actually highly sophisticated Chinese machinery that the British East India company had traded opium for.
By the 1680s the Chinese already had a very sophisticated logic and thinking process, far superior to any other nation (consider "The Art of War", written much earlier). They had discovered everything that was needed to be discovered about the intellectual aspects of the human race and had answered the unanswerable question of life. Powerful knowledge at such a nascent stage of the universe had left them wanting for more than was possible.
The British, by then, had discovered everything that was needed to be discovered about the material aspects of life. They had become fearsome seafarers and explorers, krafty tradesmen and businessmen and practical theologists. They used various such professionals in exploring new land, conquering nations and building the British Empire. When they reached India in early 1600s, they realized that they had not discovered the gold they were looking for, they had instead discovered plutonium. India was volatile and naive but full of natural resources. The wolves had their mouths watering.
Towards the end of the East India company's Raj over Indian resources they had realized that the only way they could continue is if they could control the Indian mind. It is then that they realized through the concept of supply and demand that they supply opium to the Chinese, in return for highly sophisticated machinery for the era, that would be used to control the Indian mind. Rampant trading began between the two countries which led to China being supplied with a product that would cause long term memory loss and India be provided with a product for long term mind control. Essentially enabling the British Raj to control Asia for centuries to come.

The ordinary household lizards as we see it are harmless "reptiles" that eat flies to survive and run around the walls and ceilings meaninglessly. We do not, however, know the hidden power that each of these little chinese wonders wield. When you are asleep at night, they emit certain chants and rituals proven to control human minds and subject them to the architect's beliefs. British code has been governing all of India and it is these lizards, not Gandhi, that made the British peacefully leave the country, knowing that the real seed has been planted and they would now control India from their country homes.

P.S: Please feel free to provide your own conspiracy theories, but I stand by mine. I do have more to discuss and divulge on the subject and I would like to do so systematically. Also, I do not suggest dissecting lizards as that has been proven cancerous.



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