First Scribble


I conjure this blog today to enlighten, dissipate knowledge, interpret my life, interpret your life and the lives of others to ensure that you leave this page with more or less than you came in with.

Everything in the world needs an explanation and the ones we've heard of aren't enough, so I am  out to create my own understanding.
I will make it my concern to bring you the most random information from anywhere and everywhere and dissect it intensely so that you get the real message.

We shall have a unique ANGLE on everything from 'what really happened to appolo 17?' to 'Lalu Prasad's love for farmers and their चारा' to 'chicken tikka masala'. 

Our Mission: To diminish more brain cells per second of reading as possible. and thereafter, to stop growth of cells altogether, so you are more addicted to what you read than your weed.

Vision: To become the No1 ewaste product and to be more popular than B.Obama.

Main features: commentary by the author, debates, interesting photos, videos, interview from people, animals, small children, midgets, and weekly debates sponsored by people with serious lack in life, and guest bloggers like megledon. 


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