"One tight slap"

What are the advantages of beating your children? 

Beating your child can have huge advantages in terms of discipline. It counts as speedy action from a parent without much effort to think of a better solution. The practice has however died down in recent times.

But, what does beating a child do? Does it harm them?
It will make them obey your commands, by putting fear in them.
It will make them think twice about doing things they aren't supposed to
It does not make the child violent.
It will make them beat their own children, thereby continuing the trend
It releases stress (scientifically proven on rats)

The history of 'one tight slap' a.k.a 'zorr ka chaata'. Where did the phrase come from? 
Till much after Indian independence children were beaten up thoroughly if they didn't obey. During late 1960s, just around the time when the Beatles had become popular in the United States, the calming effect was passed on to India as well. "Make love not war" registered in the minds of the hippie generation around the globe (including about 500 million indians). 
People realized that words had a stronger effect on people and can be used strategically to have a more lasting impact. And one hot day when a parent was tired of beating up the child any longer decided to coin "zorr ka chaata" or "one tight slap". 
This was then regularly used as a phrase to instill fear without actually having to raise your arm. The benefits were so vast that people quickly adopted this philosophy.

It is still used widely and wildly in India and has given people great success in child management. 


  1. so tell me arnav, why do you think they call it 'tight' slap? why not hard slap? or even lose slap? come to think of it, a lose, free flowing hand would command much more intensity, speed and impact!


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