Dont fall in line, else you may fall

Why does everyone born on this planet feels the need to fall in line? Why does society try to force every human being into a mould? Why do you feel the need to keep yourself handcuffed to the street pole? Why are we blindly following rules?

Why can't you wake up one day when you're 18 years old and say "Mumma, I want to become a drug peddler?"

Sure, it's not a normal thing to do. Sure, there are risks involved. Sure, overdosing on drugs and peddling drugs to young adolescent minds isn't the ideal situation. Sure, getting caught and rotting in jail for your best years doesn't seem that amazing.

However, living within the boundaries set by irrational leaders 200 years ago during the formation of the constitution of the nation you happen to be born in seems to be an equally irrational thing to do. Progress of society isn't dependent on living within the moulds.

Every successful and impactful person in this world had been a dreamer when they started.

Einstein wasn't sitting around in the patent office merely licking stamps and doing his masters bidding. He was questioning the established norms of science. Elon Musk questioned NASA, the entire automobile industry. Gandhi questioned the British Raj. The Beatles questioned everything. None of them hurt or meant to hurt others. They question the system because they feel they have a better plan and knew how to implement it.

People in the world take things too seriously for their own good. In order to let the next generation be happy and experience real joy from living they need to be set free. Lose some brain cells, lose some money, get lost on your path and even lose yourself to eventually be able to find the real meaning to life.

You will only then be able to counter irrational tradition, counter the social constructs developed due to fear or based on the information available at that time, implement game changing innovations, and bring about dramatic improvements into your life or the lives of others.

Truly believe that your new logic to this world is better than what's been proposed, sincerely back yourself and be determined to implement it.



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