Good Morning, it's 2017.

We talk about going to Mars, we talk about establishing life on other planets, but we forget that on Earth itself we are living in completely different worlds.

It's like we were in a deep slumber for around 50 years while the rest of the world kept going. It's 2017 and we've just woken up.

There is a stark difference between the developed and the developing worlds and if the developing nations do not change their worldview things will never change for them either.

America has come up with significant remarkable innovations in the past decade. A path that India doesn't even have the infrastructure to tread. We live in our false realities and may tell an outsider that everything is hunky-dory, however, deep inside we know that we are lagging far behind and that we need to seriously upgrade ourselves.

We have seen the advent of electric cars, relaunch-able rockets, solar rooftops and I'm just talking about a single company here. Apart from these, plans to build underground vacuum tunnels for transportation and electric trucks are a close reality. I'm still just talking about the brainchild of one man, Elon Musk.

When we start exploring the innovations and developments of other revolutionary individuals in America and Europe, we will find that India lags far behind in making developments that positively impact the planet or propel the society forward.

We need to pull up our bootstrings and compare ourselves to the best in the world and not just what's around the corner. Being more advanced than Bangladesh or easier to do business than Afghanistan won't cut it anymore.

We need to get more tourists than Paris, more universities than the US, more new businesses per year than the US, larger factories than China, safer living than Sweden, better football stadiums than England and an overall growth and development picture that resonates 2017 and not 1947.



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