Utopia? Yes please.

Utopia is a place? Does it exist?

This question takes me back to the time of the aboriginal tribes and the first bipeds.

Aboriginal tribes had a way of maintaining peace in their communities. They were one of the first. They were learning the ways of the world and the ways to survive. They were not developed. They didn't arrive at the information age. They were simply trying to not get beaten or eaten.

They helped their tribe by keeping everyone else out. If you were an individual colonist, it was likely that you would face serious danger, as they felt threatened by your presence (rightly so). However, if you were a group of colonists who could in some miraculous way reason with them, they would eventually come to terms with your proposal and comply, allowing you to potentially co-exist peacefully with them.

But is that what happened? Do we still live in that era?

The point of contention even in modern society is about who owns the land and about many other virtual constructs that we have created. This is the most meaningless debate to ponder upon as we short sight the real query. The progress of humankind and the search for deeper more significant answers to the planet and the universe.

We were made intelligent thinking mammals so that we can do a lot more than squabble over land or religion but learn to co-exist with each other peacefully and find meaning for the universe. In thinking about the problems of man-made ideas such as religion, we delay and push the discovery of the real answers we are all looking for. We choose to live and then die in a virtual world.

The only reason Earth will get destroyed is if we keep our focus so diverted and spend more energy in doing things which really will have no meaning 2000 years from now.

Dinosaurs didn't get extinct because they were large animals, but because all they did was think of food and survival on a daily basis. They were unable to establish long term ways of cohabiting and making their race survive. They ate or got eaten.

Humans on the other hand evolved as intelligent species, possibly from community of cooperative bacteria who further helped the apes evolve and arrive at the human biped form. This was for a reason. Evolution was to ensure that the planet survives.

Few of our ancestors who were very intelligent and had a lot of free time, wrote books to get people to worship them as saints so that they could live the rest of their human existence in bliss. People were instilled with fear. Fear of what might happen if they do not follow the rest. They were compelled to be believers. Logical thinking humans till today believe in myths and stories of the past as they fear greatly the unknown.

Time has come to move in a direction that will help us humans collectively uncover the truth of the universe instead of simply being at each others throats. We need to adopt the useful teachings of scriptures in our daily personal lives, without subjecting others to our beliefs and collectively move towards the progress of society, discovery of the truth and find meaning from the universe.

Modern society needs to accept all and help each learn the right path and focus on progress. We need to give up the titles of Hindu, Muslim and others and learn to co-exist peacefully to create the utopia in the universe which we are all searching for. This utopia does currently exist. Not in a place, but at a time. A time far far away if we keep our fights alive, but much closer if we cooperatively tread the rightful path.

Does the idea that cars guide itself and take each of you from place A to B while getting charged automatically by electricity which was generated using solar heat drive you? Or do you get happiness from the fact that you live alone on your land which no other biped can step on?

Let not the politicians influence you. Let not the businesses dupe you. Let not the saints instill fear in you. Let not society compel you to do as they do.

The path you choose to look forward to would determine the momentum with which you catapult humanity towards Utopia.



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