Efficient Governance

In order for the government to be effective over a long term, they need to promote efficient and long term rules, laws, regulations, methods of construction, products and processes.

If a system of working is more efficient, government should provide incentive to adopt that system. If something is very inefficient, government should try to restrict the same.

For instance, if local industry making electrical products are not able to compete with Chinese prices as China is more efficient, the government should allow Chinese products and not increase duty to assist the local industry. Industry shall itself find their solution or switch businesses.

Laws and regulations should not be made to favor any particular corporation. The lobbyists should be informed to display efficiency over alternatives and then ask for a change.

Planned, long term thinking instead of short term cost cutting methods should also be adopted, which shall ensure long term sustenance of the land as well as establish the Ruling party's effectiveness and less desire for a person to want change.

Laws and regulations also shouldn't focus on the needs of the party or be populist in nature just to gain votes. These will help in only short term successes and once the funds are depleted the people look elsewhere. Building trust and grassroots level development shall be highly useful in the long run rather than one time lucrative offers.

More to come.


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