Predictions for the next century. Millennium. From simple to most complicated:

P 1:

16.03.2015: The screen of Apple Watch's will be extremely fragile, even after being made of sapphire crystal glass. Its one of the larger pieces of hardware made with sapphire crystal glass and the delicate nature in which it has been attached to the body along with exposed edges make it extremely vulnerable to damage upon falling or accidental knocks. Be careful and don't say you weren't warned.

P 2:

14.07.2015: Aliens exist. We will encounter them before the end of this millennium. Earth cannot be the only planet which can sustain life. Life as we know it, is only a microcosm. We think it is important for Oxygen or water blah blah blah to be present to sustain life. I think that life can be sustained in anaerobic conditions, without Oxygen, water, air in another planet. The rules of Planet Earth may not apply to rules of Planet Zorbio. The fuel that drives them may be something not present on Earth. Take the moon for example. Totally different rules. Its like you're on another planet.

Lets take simple mathematical probability. The universe is a billions of galaxies large. Actually not large, Gargantuan. Earth being the only place where these little minions move about trying to make sense of themselves and their surroundings is a little impossible. Out of another 1000000000000 planets that might exist, I'm only taking about 1 more other than Earth, that has to sustain these aliens.   Whether we understand them, are able to detect them, see them, talk to them, etc is entirely a different story. Actually scratch that. We won't be able to talk to them. We can't even talk to other animals on our own planet, forget Zorbio. 

But they are lurking somewhere.

Buy fishing nets here:

P 3:

25.07.2015: RIP SIM Cards. Though I had thought of this a while back, I am finally putting the thought to e-ink.

SIM cards actually create a complex situation especially in the case of international travel. They are pesky little things that allow your smartphone to remain true to itself in the one thing that phones were meant to do. However, today we have evolved out of traditional models of phones. Smartphones can do a lot more, but they are tied down due to this pesky unnecessary object - the SIM. All the SIM card is doing is mapping a physical code into your device through which the network registers your phone and allows you to make calls. This can be done via a software input as well. And also, since this is not a part needed for the working of a phone, such as a processor, it can easily be avoided. It all makes logical sense, and network providers are already thinking in this direction.

3 more years and its gone. Poof.

Here's a link to what's already happening in this industry:

P 4:

18.01.2016: One day in our near future (within 5 years) we shall be able to interact with a virtualization of ourself, a virtual bot who talks, walks and acts just like you. Wouldn't you be interested to interact with that bot?


28.06.17 - The next biggest thing that will come in the transportation sector is automated flying cars. Helicopters and air-planes do exist, but they aren't for an individual driver, wanting to go from his home to his work or to pick up some food. Flying drones and flying cars is the future. More than Uber, more than self driving cars. If a car can see in 3D on the road, the same software can easily be programmed to see the X, Y, Z axis in air. The logic is the same, and its the logical next step. All it needs is government approvals and we will see such technology mushroom across the world. The biggest advantage will be with the company that owns the most amount of data. Tesla, Google and Apple are way ahead of the rest. If someone needs to beat them, they will need to have better and faster ways of assessing the surroundings and improved data science.


12-07-17 - Donald Trump shall be impeached or removed from office before the end of 2018.


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