Revenue Tickets

Isn't it a paradox that the police/government charges a person if they disobey the law. This amount effectively acts as a revenue for them. Though it is in the best interest of the nation for a person to follow all laws, it is also in the interest of the police department if people commit any unlawful activities, since they get revenue from these actions. Its like a suppliers market: the government provides for the rules that "shouldn't" be broken and the police makes an income when these rules are broken. By driving past a red light and paying a fine, I effectively purchased the action of driving past that red light.

There is however a better way of dealing with this situation. Since, the government has a network of various different businesses they conduct, they can allocate all "fine" revenues to a separate purpose such as educational fund, or improving health and sanitation in the city and keep rotating this every year and fix a permanent budget for the police department. This will allow sectors in need to receive a support fund which they can utilize to build a more sustainable environment.

Also, the ticket charges or fines should be based on the income status of the person. This is because a fine of Rs. 100 would not really bother a person with an income level of 10 lacs. However, if they are charged at 0.5% of their income when they commit a crime or some similar parameter they are less likely to break the law.



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