Predictions for the next century. Millennium. From simple to most complicated: P 1: 16.03.2015: The screen of Apple Watch's will be extremely fragile, even after being made of sapphire crystal glass. Its one of the larger pieces of hardware made with sapphire crystal glass and the delicate nature in which it has been attached to the body along with exposed edges make it extremely vulnerable to damage upon falling or accidental knocks. Be careful and don't say you weren't warned. P 2: 14.07.2015: Aliens exist. We will encounter them before the end of this millennium. Earth cannot be the only planet which can sustain life. Life as we know it, is only a microcosm. We think it is important for Oxygen or water blah blah blah to be present to sustain life. I think that life can be sustained in anaerobic conditions, without Oxygen, water, air in another planet. The rules of Planet Earth may not apply to rules of Planet Zorbio. The fuel that drives them may be something

Efficient Governance

In order for the government to be effective over a long term, they need to promote efficient and long term rules, laws, regulations, methods of construction, products and processes. If a system of working is more efficient, government should provide incentive to adopt that system. If something is very inefficient, government should try to restrict the same. For instance, if local industry making electrical products are not able to compete with Chinese prices as China is more efficient, the government should allow Chinese products and not increase duty to assist the local industry. Industry shall itself find their solution or switch businesses. Laws and regulations should not be made to favor any particular corporation. The lobbyists should be informed to display efficiency over alternatives and then ask for a change. Planned, long term thinking instead of short term cost cutting methods should also be adopted, which shall ensure long term sustenance of the land as well as estab

Elementary my dear

What if the elementary matters in other galaxies were different from the ones on earth? Have we ever pondered that it is possible for Atoms and Nucleus, the way we know it now, to be completely redefined in another planet or a galaxy. Protons, electrons and neutrons  may not be present and may be replaced by matter that function in a completely different way.

People who drive the world

Types of people who drive the world:   Content creator Object/Material creators Service providers Middlemen Scamsters Thieves Policy makers Investors Information Providers These are the doers of the world. They execute the actions required for the world to move forward. Existence of all types of persons is important, including the philosophers, prophets, scientists as they guide the way. However, the better the doers execute, the more the world moves forward in their direction. 

Would you eat the chicken?

Would you be eating a chicken, if it eloquently could express its emotions? Would you be eating a chicken if it was able to defend itself? Funny thing is, that would apply to plants too! That's how the food chain works, and everyone has to accept it. Tastes may be relative.

Independence Day Speech

We gained our Independence about 67 years back. Our history after independence is much shorter than the British reign over India, which already seems long gone, forgotten. Over these few years, we have had 13 changes to our Prime Ministers, couple of wars with Pakistan and China, resolution of Kashmir still seems murky, more than 65% of the population still living under $2 a day which by any reasonable standards is way below poverty line, our GDP growth today is the lowest ever, INR - USD exchange rates are the highest ever, and infrastructure development is dotted with sub-standard quality construction and corruption which is eroding the feathers off the gold swan that India once was. The British on the other hand, built our rail networks, started the use of the telegraph system, taught us how to harvest and process tea, taught us the English language - a means through which we are able to connect to the entire world and able to travel and settle in foreign countries effortlessly, a

How to stay alive!

1. Build a mental playground. 2. Do something for others 3. Read good books 4. Love what you do and if you don't then change what you do

Elucidated Thoughts (Some by me, and quotes by famous people)

At some point you gotta decide who you gonna be. Can't let nobody make that decision for you - Moonlight (2016) "Leave the world better than you found it" - Khaleesi, Game of thrones You know you've reached the epitome of technological success when you can contain the knowledge of an entire 50000 sqft library in a coin size chip. - Me Financial resources should be given to those who are more concerned with making the world a better place for all. That should be the premise of resource and financial allocation. - Me.  "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail" by  Ralph Waldo Emerson Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? or  Who will police the police? - Original Latin phrase, which I first read in Deception Point by Dan Brown Does the man make the  suit , or does the suit make the man? - First read from Iron Man 3 previews One can always continue to learn from others Do not look down upon tho

Join this War! KONY 2012


Factoring Sundays

The Economic Times Sunday edition makes your mind go out and think. It presents facts from various facets of life, science and business and allows the reader to really wonder how this all works. It's a modern and current how-stuff-works concept which works very well with educated or inquisitive readers. In fact, even though I miss the newspaper on every weekday (because I'm a late riser) I wait for each Sunday's edition of Eco Times, and I rummage through the stack of newspapers and pick this one out. Its almost like a short magazine, something like a Fortune magazine for Sunday. However, this pattern of writing is very apt for Sunday but would be overload for other days. Its more of wholesome business facts and figures relating to various industries, instead of current news relating to business events that happened the previous day. As a whole, it's a good, intelligent and idea inducing type of read which is very enjoyable and apt for the Sunday.